click-> Buy cannon
 for 3000 points

  Click where you want him to go.
W hen you click near border, the map goes scrolling.

  The plan with  Jonas Game  is to score points:

Up in the frame: .
you can get new speed

coins picked

gives   100 

 Each gun    

gives   300 

points,  and it is a weapon against a dragon
A cannon    

gives   500 

points,  and take more dragons away,so find another  or buy? The price is: 3000 points

gives 1000 

points,  and start the next level of Jonas Game.

  Remember to run away from dragons. Anyone eats such a Jonas , when they reach you without weapon. 
  Each of the types runs there type-way.You can be calm,  there is NO time-limit.
Jonas can pass through a corner, or from a sharp free corner, you can let him beat the corner-stone away.

  When your last Jonas is gone, the game is over.